Sacred Sister by Verve Editions

Ancient myth and state of the art photography are interwoven in this arresting meditation on timeless female power. During an extraordinary eight year project, Bettina WitteVeen took her camera to remote Southeast locales, including the jungles of Bali, Burma and Vietnam, to find the face of ancient myth in the peoples of today. Her epic series of photographs embraces dynamic themes from Greek mythology (The Three Fates, Hecate and Medusa) and Buddhism (The Cult of Tara). An elegant suite of pavilions for the exhibition has been designed by Robert Wilson, one of the major figures of the avant - garde, whose working process in this collaborative effort is documented in detail. Art historian and literary scholar Charles A. Riley II, PhD. traces the mythological and allegorical meanings of the work in an accessible essay written in close collaboration with the artist.

“Offers a very personal odyssey, and an unforgettable experience.”

- Maxwell L. Anderson
Allice Pratt Brown Director
Whitney Museum of Art

Sacred Sister